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interview questions

George Michael 1963-2016 Confirmed by his London-based publicist on Christmas Day, Michael died in his sleep of heart failure. Heart failure, also referred to as congestive heart failure, happens when someones heart muscle doesnt pump blood as well as it should. Some health conditions are linked to the disease, including coronary artery disease (when the arteries in the heart narrow, cutting off blood supply), high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes, according to Mayo Clinic experts. Michael had a history of health issues. In 2011, he was hospitalized with a life-threatening bout of pneumonia . At the time, he thanked the staff at Vienna General Hospital for keeping him alive in the intensive care unit. George Michael, who rocketed to stardom with Wham! and went on to enjoy a long and celebrated solo career lined with controversies, has died While the details of what led to Michaels death have not been publicly revealed, it occurred at a time of year when heart issues are especially likely to crop up, experts say. Studies show heart-related deaths are five percent more likely around Christmas and New Years, perhaps due to factors like excess food, alcohol, stress and lack of exercise this time of year. These behaviors are especially risky for people with high blood pressure , a major risk factor for heart attack and stroke. BonusesIn Michaels particular case, unless an autopsy is performed, it will be difficult to know what happened, said Dr.

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interview questions

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